Monday, 18 May 2015

Death of Intention

19-21 June hARTs Lane Studios
'Death of Intention' 
Alia Pathan, Bex Massey and Cadi Froehlich.   
The inaugural exhibition by 2 by 3 collective.
2 by 3 is a collective formed by Alia Pathan, Bex Massey and Cadi Froehlich to develop a dialogue surrounding contemporary sculpture.  The themes that have become most prevalent in discussions between the collective are communication, mass production and the power and knowledge of objects. 
Using Walter Benjamin’s term 'Death of Intention' as a point of departure the artworks combine objects, materials and projection to discuss the role of sculpture today.   
Alia Pathan, Bex Massey and Cadi Froehlich take Benjamin's concept of ‘Pure Seeing’ as a starting point to investigate the notion that there is no separation between object and subject through perception – we don’t respond to objects but experience the world with and through them.
For the duration of the exhibition the artists will use the space as a continuously evolving platform working together to create an additional landscape for the viewer to navigate through the medium of sculpture.  

Death of Intention

hARTs Lane Studios

19th - 21st June

New work and open collaborative project by three artists working in 3D to investigate the role and purpose of objects in sculpture.

Cadi Froehlich
Bex Maxssey
Alia Pathan